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Chen Dong Visited Ningbo Dooya Mechanic & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Demonstrated the Achievement on Development of Curtain Motor

Views: 0     Author: Adam Song     Publish Time: 2023-02-21      Origin: Adam SOng

      At 2:30 pm on November 20, 2018, Chen Dong, General Manager of Borex (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of XinHuiXiong Group, arrived at Ningbo Dooya Mechanic & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


      In Conference Room 1 on Floor 6, Chen Dong made the first product demonstration and introduction. Jiang Chun, Supervisor of Dooya's Technical Department, was shocked by the low voltage and silent operation of the motor.

      Jiang Chun went to the R&D Dept. to call the electronic development technician and brought the galvanometer. In the 2nd demonstration that followed, he tested the current of the motor. The meter showed that the current was stable. After calculation, the output power of the motor was 1W, which makes the two technicians of Dooya feel incredible;

      Jiang Chun learned that XinHuiXiong's tubular motor solution technology is not in the motor, but in the "motor companion." He telephoned another technician. Chen Dong made a third product demonstration. Dooya’s three technicians are still puzzled and think that it doesn’t make sense. They asked to open the product to check internal structure, but Chen Dong declined politely;

      Jiang Chun called Mr. Bao, General Manager of Dooya. While waiting for Mr. Bao’s coming. He showed Chen Dong Dooya’s 2,000-sqm exhibition hall. When General Manager Bao camed to the Conference Room after his meeting, Chen Dong made the 4th demonstration.

      The Dooya people also asked about the load and the working length, Chen Dong answered them one by one, and introduced the four advantages of this motor: first solved the noise problem, the second solved the energy consumption problem, the third reduced the material cost, the fourth simplified motor production model.

      Mr. Bao was very interested in this motor. He got up and bypassed the conference table and shook hands with Chen Dong. He hoped that the two parties could reach all-round cooperation in the future and said that they could entrust XinHuiXiong Group to research and develop other new products.

      After checking his trip schedule, General Manager Bao decided to pay a visit to Xiamen XinHuiXiong to discuss cooperation issues in two weeks.

      Later, he got a general understanding of the intention of XinHuiXiong Group in the cooperation mode. Chen Dong replied, first, technology shall transfer by industry; second, an exclusive industry supply agreement shall be signed. The final topic came to product patents. Chen Dong considered whether to    apply for a patent first and then to seek business cooperation.

      After the meeting, General Manager Bao took all his crew and went to another meeting. After that he came to the hotel to have dinner together with Chen Dong.

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