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More Moulds

Some molds can be adjusted to produce the same products of different sizes, reducing costs for customers.

More Durable

Large inner diameter and small outer diameter ensure high elasticity coefficient, and the service life is twice that of ordinary products.

Wide Range

The material thickness ranges from 0.04 mm to 0.8 mm, which can meet the requirements of different customers.

Quick Customization

Customization is welcomed, we will produce and deliver at the fastest speed.


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11 Years Of Spring Manufacturing Experience
This is the guarantee of our quality and safety.
Carefully Chosen Team
Our manufacturing team has years of experience and has obtained professional certification.
Very Favorable Price
We have affordable and reasonable prices to provide the best products and services.
Customization of Springs, Clips, stampings & chains
R&D And Customization
R&D and Customization of Hi-Tech Products and Supporting Facilities
Solutions For Problems
Solutions for Problems Encountered during R&D

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