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  • Shelf display pusher springs can be applied to push sellers for most of different types of goods in shopping malls, supermarkets, like automatic cigarette sellers. On these push sellers can be placed small goods like cigarettes, drinks, playing cards, small paper towels, cosmetics, nail polish, condoms, and big goods like milk powder cans, beer boxes, paint buckets, etc.

  • The internal structure of shelf display pusher is determined by the size of goods. Goods can be categorized. When front item is taken away, the pusher automatically pushes the other items to the forefront.

  • Springs installed in the shelf pusher are flat spiral springs, which are divided into 2 kinds, constant and variable force springs. The former provide constant force throughout the range; while the latter provide stronger force when there are more goods and the springs are pulled longer, and provide weaker force when there are less goods and the springs are pulled shorter.

  • The difference between a shelf equipped with a pusher and a normal one is, when the first item placed at the front end of the shelf/display rack is taken away by customers, the pulling force of the spring will move the other goods towards front from the rear end, thus there will be no gap between goods and customers. The remaining vacancies do not require any labor to add goods before the pre-placed goods are sold out.

  • Structure Theory:

What makes the pusher fulfil the moving function is the spring. When the shelf is not loaded or the pusher not pulled, the spring keeps still at the front end; when the shelf is loaded with goods, the spring is pulled to a straight line, it gains a retracting function, all the goods will automatically keep to a closely compact state after the first item is taken away.


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