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Why Hasn't Vertical Vendor Become Popular Enough?

Views: 0     Author: Adam Song     Publish Time: 2023-06-30      Origin: Adam Song

        The spring-loaded merchandise rack (also called pop-up rack, or vertical vendor) should have become very popular 

around the world in last few years, however, it hasn't. 

        We believe one reason is although it definitely belongs to display fixture industry, it's not easy for display factories to make it. 

        During the development, the power springs' force values need to be adjusted many times to ensure the rack perform wonderfully, 

and each time it wll cost a few hundreds of CNY. This makes it hard for display factories to make the decision to develop a new model.

        Even after orders are placed, every single rack requires us the spring factory to assembly, adjust, inspect before delivery. 

These cannot be done by non-spring industry workers.

    Another reason should be the price/cost. 

    In 2019 we need CNY500-800 to make 1 rack, now we need only CNY180-380 (depending the complexity), 

thanks to our tech team constant improvement on structure and material.

    Not all spring factories can do this well. 

    We are among the top three to five factories in China domestic spring industry, we've been supplying 

constant/variable force springs to some Chinese suppliers of US display fixture companies.

    We have a talented & experienced design team, which makes it easy to design structure for each model of rack.

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