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The Features of XinHuiXiong Clip Spring Manufacturing Process

Views: 0     Author: Adam Song     Publish Time: 2023-03-30      Origin: Adam Song

   The material of our clip springs is not manganese steel, but stainless steel; and its process is not stamping, but spring machine bending, comparatively, which has the following advantages:


  1. The material is usually customized high hardness stainless steel 301, which is up to 580 degrees (±20) Wechsler hardness, its elasticity is extremely strong, the material of 0.4mm thickness is equivalent to the elasticity of ordinary stainless steel (hardness 380-420) 0.6mm; this elasticity determines its ability of deforming and restoring to the original shape is much stronger than that of manganese steel products; and for this type of hardness material, stamping process can do nothing to deform the steel strip, it will rebound or break;

  2. When the quality fluctuates due to different material batches, the molds on our spring machines can be adjusted correspondingly in size, tightness and distance, so as to ensure that the dimensional tolerance between every and each product is extremely tiny; whereas the molds of stamping are fixed and un-adjustable, they cannot be fine-tuned, so when the material fluctuates a little in like thickness or width, the outer specification of the products may vary quite much, the quality is unstable as well;

  3. Stamping is usually one-time forming, which will break hard material when it is bent and formed. Our spring machine will deform the material into products in two, three or even more steps. With multi-point feeding and multi-step bending, the material is processed gently to ensure that it does not break, meanwhile the dimensions and angles are precise.


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