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Something about Flat Spiral Spring

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Steel strip flat spiral spring is wound and made of stainless steel strip. After high-hardness steel strip is formed by a specific machine, tempering makes the springs in their stable shape. When pulled straight by external force, springs will generate elastic force and naturally rewind, thus achieve our goal, after shifting, they can return to the initial point we specified.

The difference between a flat spiral spring and other springs is that a flat spiral spring is a tightly wound structure; other springs are linear or have a spaced scroll shape.

The advantages of a flat spiral spring compared to conventional wire springs are:

 Maintaining a certain stretch in the whole range;

 Required force can be achieved within a short pre-stress range;

 Original length is smaller than wire spring

 No range limit.


Related information:

 Materials: The material category, yield strength, surface roughness and other factors are related to the service life of a flat spiral spring. Manufacturing springs with specially-customized stainless steel 301 can achieve the desired results on performance (high elasticity, no rust), price (cheaper than SUS304) and life cycles.

 Force value: The force values required for the springs in products of different specifications are different as well. Force value is directly related to thickness and width of material, inner and outer diameters of the product. After the product reaches the end of its life cycle, the force degradation shall be less than 5%.

 Deformation: To test a spring’s life cycle, after a spring has reached the required force value, the spring is pulled repeatedly until the predetermined length. When the expected cycles is reached, the outer and inner diameters of the spring should not be larger than 105% of original size.


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