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XHX-COKE-P3 Coke/Beer Dispenser

6 layers, 
1 pack per layer,  
24 cans per pack
50 kilograms in all.

  • XHX


Power spring loaded, 
6 layers, 1 pack per layer,  24 cans per pack
50 kilograms in all.
Customization welcomed.

MaterialDuty TypeLoading CapacityCustomizeMOQUnit PriceSample Cost
Frame: Iron
Spring: Steel
Heavy50Yes100 sets$80$250

Please kindly be noted this is just for your reference. This model is our client's patent.
When goods (dozens of water, drinks, milk, beers, etc.) are put onto the rack, the platform will sink; 
when goods are taken away, the platform will rise.


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