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XHX-ZL01 SUS304 Hollow Ball Chain for Roller Shade Window Blind

Category: Metal Chains
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Steel or colored
Item No.: XHX-ZL01
Origin: Xiamen Fujian
Finish: Powder Coating if request
Item No.: XHX-ZL01
Brand: XHX
Customization: on demand
Processing Methods: Processing with supplied materials, Processing according to drawings, Processing according to samples
Customized price range: ¥0.09~¥2.5
Customized MOQ: 10
  • XHX-ZL01

  • XHX

  • XHX-ZL01

Spec Diameter 4.5mm
Loading Capacity 51 kg
Distance between Balls 10 cm / 17 ball

4.5mm Diameter Stainless Steel Hollow Ball Chain FOR Roller Blind or other Home Decoration

The Most Significant Difference from other similar product:
The ball chain is made from stainless steel strip, two strips being process at the same time, one becomes the balls, the other becomes the steel wire inside the balls. So this ball chain can bear as heavy as
51kg loading!

Features of operating chain
1. High tensile; It will not easy to get broken by nomal force, very strong as roller blind chain!
2. Never get rust; The 4.5mm ball chain is made of stainless steel, this unique material decide the chains will never get rust;
3. Customized length. 
4. Enviroment friendly, free from lead & nickel.

It can be widely used like jewelry making, pull chain, garment chains etc. but its most significant useage is with roller blinds. Just imagine when others are using plastic ball chain, while you are using steel chain...Roller blind chain also called controll chain, roller blind pully chain, roller blind chains etc. The stainless steel roller ball chain is functional, except for roller blind operating chain, it also can be used for jewelry chain, home decor curtains, ball chain chandeliers etc.

1. Position stopper bell
position_stopper-22. Circle Joint buckle


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